December 12, 2019

Printer Solutions

Document Management Solutions

Laser Solutions provides document management and content management solutions that help Australian businesses of all sizes manage information, both electronic and physical, more effectively and efficiently.

Our Managed Document Services and leading-edge technology provide you with:

  • Innovation: Fresh thinking is crucial in staying ahead of the crowd
  • Flexibility: Our solutions are fully customisable
  • Simplicity: We offer complete system integration
  • Savings: Our managed document solutions can transform your bottom line
  • Visibility: We can improve your data visibility and overall workflow

Businesses don’t stand still, and neither do we. Expertise drives us, and innovation inspires us.

Document management solutions to improve your business processes

Managing information effectively can help your business sharpen its competitive edge.
In an era when doing more with less is less of a competitive advantage and more of a business requirement, improving processes in your business can deliver significant benefits.
Some of the business challenges our customers face include the need to:

  • improve efficiencies
  • reduce processing
  • reduce paperwork
  • reduce data entry and effort duplication
  • streamline and optimise workflows
  • provide better visibility and control
  • reduce the IT and administrative burden.

As businesses shift from paper-based process to digital workflows, the time savings and cost  efficiencies start to add up. Document workflow management solutions can streamline your processes with automated workflows that keep documents moving. From creation to approvals, all the way to digital archiving, these solutions eliminate the manual burden that used to be associated with business content management.
Laser Solutions offers document process management and document workflow automation solutions to help your business become more efficient and to let your staff members focus on core activities.

Managed Print Service

Managed Print Services MPS is a strategic approach to print, organisations can typically reduce their total document costs by 20 to 30%, as well as improving the quality of service to all users and the resilience of the printing equipment on-site.

The Managed Print Service MPS package includes hardware,printer service and repairs and printer toner cartridges. Printer consumables and other printer supplies are all managed via LSP Laser Solutions Print. This system eliminates the need to monitor stock levels and staff to place orders.